Bamboo & Jobs

We can work together


We welcome everyone who is interested in The Plantation Crop Substitution Project.

The target is the Cotton subsidy, and the mission is Job
Creation through Vocational Training...that's where the Grant money is right now.
Every Congressperson wants to create new jobs, so if we can make the case for
our projects on that basis, we may finally get going with the "Bamboo
Revolution" that has been ignored in the USA.

The only way to do that is to get together, and create a movement that can get some articulate young people to help us spread the word to their elected far that has not one seems to want to have anything to do with "politics", and
that's why we are in the sad situation that we face.
Everyone assumes that the Neocons will make any chance of progress even more
impossible than it has done since Obama was elected, alas...

please join us and we will make Bamboo an important resource for the future.

We need ten ABS members to form a new virtual online chapter                     



The name of this organization is The Plantation Chapter of the American Bamboo
The Plantation Chapter of the American Bamboo Society
Operates as a 501-c-3, Not For Profit Corporation in the state of:

The records of registration for this Corporation shall be held at:

The purpose of the Plantation Chapter shall be to:
Promote knowledge of and interest in Bamboo, as a viable crop with many uses.
To develop and present educational programs that further the development of Bamboo as a sustainable alternative to many common materials.
To encourage the growth and propagation of Bamboo in American agriculture.
To aid in the importation of and quarantine of bamboo according to the USDA guidelines.
To provide support facilities where records, books, publications, and other pertinent information will be made accessible to interested people.
To engage in and encourage such projects as may further the best interest of  and the objectives of the Chapter.
To cooperate with other Organizations, Foundations, and Institutions in the furtherance of its objectives.  .
To operate Demonstration Bamboo Plantations and to carry out research that furthers the knowledge and use of bamboo as a practical substitute for other materials.
To obtain funding for the operation, maintenance, and acquisition of any property necessary to accomplish the goals of the Chapter.

The Plantation Chapter membership shall be open to anyone who has a genuine interest in bamboo and the purposes and polices of the Chapter.
Memberships shall not be restricted on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin.
Membership classifications shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Treasurer; accompanied by dues.

3.1. RIGHTS:
Memberships are non-transferable.
Each member is entitled to one vote.
Any Member may examine the Chapter records and attend meetings of the Board of Directors.
Memberships are not subject to attachment. There is no provision for proxy voting.
Any member may terminate his or her membership voluntarily.
Any member who fails to pay dues by September 15th  of the membership year may be terminated from membership.
Membership may be terminated for any member, for just cause, as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
The Plantation Chapter of the American Bamboo Society shall be governed by an
Elected Board of Directors composed of five members.
Two alternate Board members shall be elected to fill vacancies on the Board, in accordance with Section 4.8.
4.1. Terms of Board Members:
Directors shall serve for a term of three (3) years.
Alternates shall serve for one year.
The term of office shall begin at the close of the Annual Business Meeting.

The Board of Directors shall have the following duties:
To hold elections for officers from the membership.
To establish policies, bylaws, and goals.
To direct business, educational, and social affairs of the Chapter.
To authorize expenditures.
To establish committees as it deems necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Chapter.
The Board of Directors may delegate it’s authority to individual officers to take action on particular matters.
The Board of Directors shall set the time of all Board meetings at least one week prior to those meetings.   There shall be at least one annual meeting, and as many Board meetings as necessary to carry out the objectives of the Chapter.
The Board of Directors is authorized to conduct meetings via the use of any suitable electronic format.
4.6. QUORUM:
.A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of three or more members.
In the event of absences that cause the lack of a quorum; the alternate Board members may temporarily assume the powers and duties of absent board members to complete a quorum. .
Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by the first and second alternates; and thereafter through appointment by the Board of Directors from the general membership.
Any such replacement shall be for the unexpired term of the Board member being replaced and shall include all powers and duties of full Board membership.
Directors and alternates shall be subject to removal from the Board for just cause by a two thirds(2/3) vote of the Board.  Unexcused failure to attend two (2) Board meetings within one year will automatically require a vote of removal.

Regular meetings of the Chapter shall be held quarterly, in January, April, July and October, at a date set by the Board of Directors with notice sent to the membership at least one month prior to the scheduled meeting date.
One regular meeting shall be designated as the Annual Business Meeting.
This meeting shall present to the Membership, an opportunity to attend the installation of officers, and hear the results of the Audit, as well as carry out the business of a regular meeting
5.2. QUORUM:
A quorum at any regular meeting shall consist of a majority of the number of members present.
A nominating committee of no less than two (2) members shall be appointed by the general members at the first meeting of the year.

An election of at least two (2) and not more than (3) directors and two (2) alternates shall be held in May. Election shall be by secret mail ballot, supervised by an Election Committee; appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Board, at a regular meeting, no later than April of each voting year.  
The vacant Board positions shall be filled by candidates receiving the highest vote count.
Officers shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Alternates. Officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the first Board Meeting following the election of the new directors. The term of all officers shall be for one year, or
until their successors are installed.
7.2. DUTIES:
a. President.
The President shall: preside at all meetings of the Chapter and its Board of
Directors; appoint committees; sign all contracts and other instruments of the
Chapter; retain duplicate copies of important documents of the Chapter; and be
an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
b. Vice Presidents.
The First and Second Vice presidents, in that order, shall perform the duties of the President in the event of absence or incapacity.
c. Secretary.
The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter and its
Board of Directors and shall make such reports as are requested by the Board of
Directors. The Secretary shall have custody of all documents of the Chapter and shall sign all official documents.
d. Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall have custody of the dues, other income, and any funds the Chapter may possess and shall keep an accurate account of all financial transactions.
The treasurer shall disburse monies in accordance with procedures approved by the Board of Directors and shall submit such reports and statements as are required by the Board of Directors. All official checks shall be countersigned by
the Treasurer and one of three designated officers. The Treasurer shall retain duplicate copies of all financial documents of the Chapter.

All membership meetings and all meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order unless they are inconsistent with these bylaws

The fiscal and dues year of the Chapter shall be 1 July to 30 June

4.11. AUDIT:
The Directors shall annually appoint an Auditing Committee of three (3) members who shall audit the Treasurer's accounts and shall submit said audit to the Board, prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

All Dues shall be held in an account at:

Upon Dissolution of the Chapter, any reserve funds must be disbursed to
Organizations recognized under the provisions of 501-c-3 of the Internal Revenue Code and 23701(d) of the Revenue & Taxation Code.

These bylaws may be amended by the general membership at the Annual
Business Meeting. Notice of the proposed amendment must be given in writing
to all members, no later than the previous regular meeting before the Annual
Business Meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of all the members present at the
Annual Meeting shall be necessary for adoption.
The Board of Directors, by a majority vote, may enact amendments which shall remain in effect only until the next Annual Business Meeting, whereupon they shall be submitted to the membership for adoption or rejection. Written notice shall be given in accordance with Section 8.3.(a).

December 21, 2012_______________                                 

I proposed this over 8 years ago, and haven't been able to get 10 ABS members to join, so that's a pretty good example of the lack of interest...I quit the ABS and haven't missed it. rr