Bamboo Research

Convert Biomass to BioGas
offset pollution and create clean energy

We are developing demonstration projects through out the world that will lead to commercial scale applications, and we are working to develop viable business models that will offer investors a way to participate in the latest Bamboo Technologies.

We welcome everyone with a vision of sustainable alternatives for a better future, to think about what they want to do in the next five years, and to tell us what we can do together in an open exchange of ideas. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have, and let's work together for fun and profit!

We are adding more information to this site on a daily basis, so please contribute your ideas and questions, and we can start working on the issues. is a bamboo Research and Development Company with extensive contacts to the world wide "bamboo revolution." We are organized into two divisions for funding purposes; one as a Not for Profit Scientific and Educational Corporation; and one as a For Profit Research and Development Corporation.

The first is the not for profit division which is eligible for public grant support.  It will  be the project manager of the "Plantation Crop Substitution Project," which we will operate as a 501-(c)-3 not-for-profit organization.  The mission is to promote the introduction of Large Scale Industrial Bamboo to American Agriculture, by operating demonstrations of the value that Bamboo has compared with other crops.  The Demonstration Project will train people to work in all areas of Industrial Biomass production, and seek Governmental Grants for Research and "Green" Job Development. These Grants are only available to registered Not for profit Organizations.  

The for Profit Division, dba "Bamtech International Inc." will concentrate on product development and sales, and joint venture partnerships.  We are positioning the company to be a vertically integrated Bamboo industry leader through acquisition of key technologies and production facilities. We see tremendous profit potential for the companies that can design and produce and sell products based upon new bamboo technologies that are being developed in China and India. We will be instrumental to the introduction of these products throughout the world, in conjunction with our joint venture partners and investors.  We can also derive significant revenue from fees for processing and using waste water for irrigation.