Bamboo Technologies

Cover a wide spectrum of uses

Bamboo technology is an investment for a better world.

Bamboo is such a valuable plant that a vertically integrated company that has sufficient raw material can operate in simultaneous divisions that emphasize different aspects of Bamboo Technology.

Bamtech International Inc. will operate several divisions as:

1. A Carbon Credit (CDM) producer and marketing company.

Bamboo can become the "Gold Standard of Carbon Credits".   The market for all "Carbon Credits" is about $1.5billion this year, and very little of that money is coming to The USA. California's "Cap & Trade" program, should have a local option of of Domestically produced Credits.  We will start to attract the market when we can demonstrate an annual Carbon Credit  which guarantees to obviate the necessity for storage and the concern over "slippage".

We will offer low cost verifiable Annual Carbon Credits that are efficient and sustainable. The short time frame will allow credit buyers more flexibility than other types of Credits and at a lower cost. The accountable products of the Carbon Credit are:
Charcoal which can be considered Inert.
Pure Hydrogen which can be used to power electric generators, or fuel cells, and lignin, a high quality soil amendment.

2. A way to make pure water for everyone.

As an adjunct our Carbon Credit operation, we propose to supply water purveyors with a sustainable supply of Bio Filter Media with low cost advantages. We will develop a series of bamboo applications for water purification, and desalinization. The pressing need for clean water is one of the most critical issues facing society, and the application of bamboo technology can help provide low cost sustainable water supplies, from any polluted source.

3. Better, Stronger, Lower Cost Building Materials

We are also developing a whole range of Building Materials, which could be “outsourced” to established manufacturers, under our label.
"Plyboo" has been demonstrated to be stronger and 5 times more productive than fir, per acre, for plywood.
"Bamlams" are stronger than timber beams.
Woven bamboo can replace fiberglass and steel in composites.
Bamboo reinforcing can out perform steel in concrete structures.
Bamtech will develop high quality, low cost alternatives to many common components.

4.  Bamboo textiles are another of the products that we are developing with Chinese companies...we will be process and design consultants for our proprietary product lines.

5. Bamboo Shoot Food is the biggest percentage of all bamboo revenue in China, totaling over $600,000,000 in 2008. The common Moso shoot contains 15 amino acids, and provides high quality protein at low cost.
Bamboo powder can be added to foods to make fillers that are not digested; a common diet food strategy.
Bamtech is developing a line of "superfood" based upon the high amino acid content, and will sponsor research into the possibility that other bamboo types, might have unique food applications.

All of these projects lead to commercial scale applications, and we are working to develop viable business models that will offer investors a way to participate in the latest Bamboo Technologies.

Bamboo will be in direct competition with mature established industries, which will seek to inhibit its acceptance. We believe that is "short sighted", in the extreme; when all of the data supports the contention that, it is a viable substitute for many common materials and products.  The substitution can be easily adapted to existing processes and market conditions.

We seek partners in the diverse industries that produce energy, water, food, and materials.  We have research data to substantiate the benefits that Bamboo can offer, and want to achieve market share through cooperative ventures that augment existing institutions and support orderly transition.