Bamboo Worldwide

Welcome to the Bamboo Revolution

Bamboo is the reason we come together at this website, so I’ll try to keep this centered on that, but like everything else, one thing leads to another….

Bamboo is quite possibly the most useful and underutilized resource that can alleviate most of the Real Big Problems that are suddenly apparent to a large percentage of the people.  We are reaching the point of No Return, while US politicians fail to act.  We are running out of Air, Water, and Time, so it's up to individuals to start making changes based upon "cooperative self interest".

I grew up in Richmond, CA, where Chevron has it's main refinery, as kids, we would see the sky light up as huge flames of volatile gas was burned off,  and smell toxic emissions every night...Things are somewhat better there now, but that is only because it was so bad that government was called upon to do something about the pollution of the common environment; in the 1960's. 

Since that time, we have seen the world population double.

Now, Companies like Chevron are claiming to be at the forefront of Ecologically Sensitive Corporations, with the "Will You Join US", website, and commercials on NPR.  PG&E is pushing conservation, and everyone is"going green".

At the same time, there is intense Corporate lobbing against better environmental regulations, and for the continuation of subsidies, tax breaks, and exemptions that allow pollution levels to increase.

The result is that, despite all the evidence that says that we must reverse environmental pollution; we lack the ability to agree upon even the simplest, remedial steps.  The failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference to sign an extension of the Koyoto Treaty to cover the largest polluting countries means that Corporate Pressure has won out over the common public interest in clean air and water.   It's Back to "business as usual".

That being the case, it falls to us, as individuals,  to make incremental changes to
" Life as Usual", and to join together in mutual self interest to make Governments and Corporations (Corporate Government might be a more correct description) cooperate with us to create a sustainable world that works for everyone.

If we start with simple acts that everyone can do, we might forestall the predicted Environmental Collapse long enough to drag the "Vested Interests" in to the "new reality"....

One simple thing would be for everyone to plant something everyday...Plants absorb CO2.  If we could increase the production of biomass to offset industrial CO2, It would buy time to create the new energy economy that will be necessary to advance society....6 billion new plants a day would get that happening!  If we gave every 5 year old a tiny bamboo plant, and let them grow it all the way through high school, we could improve our chances of having a place for them to pass on to their children...not to mention the new uses that we would find for this simple grass.

Viva Bamboo!

Rob Roark
Project Manager